School District Model

District Program

The Calculus Project District Program

TCP works with public schools and districts to implement seven research-based components proven to build student confidence, competence and success. Find out more about how to become a TCP partner here.

5 Student Facing Components of TCP

Summer Academy:
Students (rising 8th through 12th graders) are pre-taught some of the upcoming year’s math.
Provides an opportunity to get ahead and build confidence and teaches how to develop high capacity, collaborative study groups.
Academic Center:
Tutoring support is available through the school year from math teachers and TCP Peer Teachers (see below).
Supports students throughout the year and builds teacher to student and student to student relationships.
Student Cohorts:
Students are grouped into designated sections to drive continued collaboration and a sense of belonging.
Allows students to support each other and continue to hone the collaborative study skills learned during the summer.
Peer teaching:
Junior/senior TCP scholars can become paid Peer Teachers for the Summer Academy and Academic Center.
Builds on research work showing the benefits of peer tutoring in driving persistence and achievement.
PRIDE Curriculum:
Students learn about the accomplishments of STEM professionals of color during Summer Academy.
Reinforces efficacy and beliefs of high achievement and belonging.