College Campus Model

The Calculus Project Leadership Academy

The Calculus Project and Leadership Academy (TCPLA) is a powerful and proven tool for closing the mathematics gap – and helping underserved students achieve success in higher education.

TCPLA is one component of The Calculus Project School District Program (TCP).

School districts determine whether they will host their own TCPLA in their district over the summer or whether they will send their students to one of our three college campus sites - Boston University, Emmanuel College or the University of Massachusetts in Lowell.

From a district perspective it can be advantageous to 'outsource' this summer program to TCP as students have opportunities on these campuses to become familiar with a post-secondary setting and work with college professors.


Leadership Academy (TCPLA) Students will:

  1. Become proficient in the concepts and practices of the high-level mathematics they will study during the upcoming school year.
  2. Increase their intellectual confidence in mathematics.
  3. Develop critical mathematic thinking skills and learn to apply mathematical concepts.
  4. Learn to collaborate with peers in solving challenging problems.
  5. Meet with STEM professionals of color and begin to envision their own potential success in STEM careers.
  6. Be exposed to university life and culture, helping to shape their expectation for enrollment in college.
  7. Students will learn to become effective change agents in their communities through our leadership speaker series and change-agent