Become a Partner School/District

The Key Questions for Readiness

TCP will engage with the district to answer the following questions for readiness. The overarching question is whether the district has the will and capacity to engage with TCP to robustly support students and implement all components of TCP.Subquestions that will be addressed through completion of this application follow below.

  • Does the district serve at least 50 students per grade level who are Black, Hispanic, Indigenous or Low-Income?
  • Are there champions in the district who embrace TCP as the right fit for equity work? Are there other stakeholders / allies in the district that will support TCP?
  • Has the district articulated how TCP supports its vision and plan for equity?
  • Is there a clear math progression leading to advanced math (AP Calc) that allows for flexibility?
  • What structures are in place to build upon for each of the TCP components?
  • Where does the district need further support?
  • Is there a financial commitment available to support full implementation (all components)?

In our experience, a strong start with a district can dramatically impact the future trajectory of our students. While TCP implementation is a process that happens over time, we work to set a strong foundation. In addition to gathering data on whether the district has the necessary resources and commitment, we also work with the district to determine which supports are necessary as we begin our partnership.

General Timeline for implementationTo launch in the summer of 2024, the application needs to be submitted on or before December 15, 2023

Summer/Fall 2023

  • Engage TCP in planning, bringing together key stakeholders
  • Determine who will lead in application process
  • Complete application and secure partnership in January

Winter/Spring 2024

  • Create schedule for planning sessions
  • Recruit students and teachers
  • Begin scheduling / planning for student cohorts
  • Plan for summer program

Summer 2024

  • Implement summer program
  • Ensure student cohorts for fall

Fall 2024

  • Capture, review, share summer data
  • Implement afterschool center
  • Ensure systems for PD and data capturing