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The Calculus Project | Creating a new path to success in advanced mathematics

Welcome to the Calculus Project

The mission of The Calculus Project is to use research-supported strategies to increase the representation and success of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and low-income students in advanced mathematics.

Experiential Learning

Mott McDonald provides experiential learning opportunities for students in The Calculus Project.

Samira Lopez aspires to become an engineer and had the opportunity to spend the day shadowing Debra Lopes, who is a chemical engineer in their Westwood office.


The Calculus Project and Leadership Academy cultivates Black and Latinx mathematicians and prepares them to lead.

Jonathan Pierre graduated in our first cohort (class of 2020) and is a freshman at Yale.

Watch Jonathan’s Building Bridges Speech

Peer Education

John Hancock’s MLK Scholars program supports our peer educators and provides opportunities for career training.

Kam’Rahn Carter worked for John Hancock during the summer of 2020 in the Insurance Product Development Department. Khalia Hamilton joined the MLK Scholar program during the summer of 2020 and worked as a peer tutor for TCPLA assisting experienced teachers as they taught math virtually.

Leadership Academy

TCPLA is the only program preparing Black and Latinx high school students to pass a teacher licensure exam in mathematics.

Aiko White has been a member of TCPLA since 8th grade. She works extremely hard and is a great friend to all of her fellow scholars. Aiko is the youngest student in TCPLA to pass the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure for Middle School Math (MTEL 47). She passed the MTEL 47 during the summer of 2019 after completing the 10th grade.

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